Importance of Halal certification and how to get it

Importance of Halal certification and how to get it

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Halal is one of the most essential parts of Muslim life. When Muslims are born they must follow the basics of Islam and Halal food. They want everything Halal in their life, whether it is Halal drinking, food, or life. Halal is an Arabic word, which means acceptable or legal. Certain things are acceptable for Muslims in their religion, and the rest are prohibited in Islamic Shariah, such as:

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  • Meat and other products that are made from pork.
  • Cat & dogs
  • The meat of dead animals
  • Animals that are slaughtered without starting the name of Allah.
  • Every type of insect except a grasshopper.
  • Drinks like alcohol, wine aqua vitae, and ethanol.

Therefore, Muslim countries issue Halal licenses or certificates to every company that ensures to provide Halal products in the market.

Benefits of getting Halal certificate for companies:

When companies get Halal certificates, it shows their dedication toward religion and customers’ trust in them. It also indicates that the company is responsible provide high-quality products in the market. Having a Halal certificate means that you are following high-quality standards and regulations. So businesses can gain significant benefits by obtaining Halal certification. It builds their image and credibility in the market against other competitors. Every country has a certification body that has the authority to issue a Halal certificate after completing certain tasks.

How to obtain a Halal certificate:

Here are the requirements and conditions that every country requires for Halal certification in UAE:.

Conditions for Halal certificate:

  • Halal certification form that you can also download from Google.
  • Once you have completed the application form, the Halal certification body review all details and information, and then they contact you for inspection and audit. If it is necessary they can ask you for more documents.
  • The certification authority asks you to sign the contract for audit and inspection.
  • The audit is conducted on the behalf of an organization.
  • Halal certification representatives visit your place for the initial inspection.
  • They determine the requirements after completing the audit.
  • Then the certification body reports to the audit.

Requirements for confirming the Halal for ingredients and raw material:

  • A halal certificate is issued by a Halal certification body.
  • The workflow of production and analysis for inflamed goods.
  • The actual source of raw material
  • Conformity of the products and raw material
  • Laboratory tests and analysis, if it is necessary.