Reasons to switch to a prepaid mobile plan

Reasons to switch to a prepaid mobile plan

March 25, 2021 Off By admin

Are you thinking about getting a mobile plan in Dubai? Well, there are many important things you have to consider from selecting the handset, the primary use you will have for your device to your budget, etc. You also need to compare and choose amongst the best networks available here; for instance if you find du mobile data plans worthwhile, you may also feel that calls and roaming packages are better offered by Etisalat. You will also have to think about whether you should have a prepaid or post-paid mobile plan.

While both of these types come with benefits as well as shortcomings, many people are choosing to get a prepaid plan today. If you are currently using a post-paid plan and thinking about switching to prepaid, below are some of the reasons why you may want to consider this switching:

Lower monthly fees

A prepaid plan has no hidden fees or taxes helping you to save quite a bit of cash. When you are paying the monthly rate for this option in the form of a flat fee, your plan is set unless you go over the stated amount of data, call or messaging services you can use each month. This helps you stick to the monthly plan and you will be more conscientious about using each service. You will do your best to avoid going across the limit; hence, you will just pay your monthly bill with no additional fees every month. Check out Etisalat data packages to have an idea.

They come with good service

Many people think about prepaid plans as providing bad or sub-par services. This may however be true only if you choose a smaller or start-up telecom service provider. Signing up with a reliable service provider will offer the same service and coverage that post-paid plans offer.


A prepaid plan can offer certain freedoms you might not use all the time, but they’re nice to experience. Starters can switch plans anytime, especially if you find a different plan that suits you better and goes with your lifestyle and needs. If you frequently travel overseas, this would be a handy feature as you can get another SIM card before you travel, activate it before your flight, and use it while abroad. Once you return from your flight, you can use your old SIM card again without the need of activation or else.